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Italy 1980-81: After Marx, Jail!

The Attempted Destruction of a Communist Movement

Some General Background

  • The Italian Inquisition - Alfio Bernabei
  • Interview with Sergio Bologna
  • Interview with two autonomists
    The April 7th Case
  • Interview with Toni Negri in Trani Prison
  • Reflections on a Phantom - Toni Negri and Luciano Ferrari Bravo
  • "That's Some Story" - Giorgio Bocca
    The Support Campaign, the Stories of Some of the Prisoners and the Conference in London
  • "After Marx, Jail!" - Lotta Continua per il Comunismo
    The Prosecution's Updated Case
  • "The prosecution's House of Cards Collapses" - Luigi Ferraioli
  • Against the Special Prisons: On the Ciampani Document - CARI
    The Revolt at Trani Prison
  • "Trani: A Story of State Brutality" - Comitati Autonomi Operai
  • Letter from Toni Negri to Felix Guattari, after Trani
    The Women's Movement in Italy
  • Interview with Lisi del Re
  • The Impossible Compromise - Padova Women's Collective
    The FIAT Workers' Struggle -- September/October 1980

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  • Italy 1980-81: After Marx, Jail!
    Italy 1980-81: After Marx, Jail!