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Proceedings of the International conference on Arabic and Hebrew Strophic Poetry and its Romance Parallels

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, 8-10 October 2004
Edited by Ed Emery

  • Otto Zwartjes, "The muwashshah and the kharja: an introduction"
  • Karin Almbladh, "An Andalusi muwashshah and its contrafacts"
  • Lourdes Maria Alvarez, "Reading the mystical signs in the songs of Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari"
  • Saadane Benbaabali, "Love and drubkenness in the muwashshah as sung in the Maghreb"
  • Philip Ciantar, "Nostalgia, history and sheikhs in the Libyan ma'luf: Listening contexts in the shadows of the past
  • Federico Corriente, "The metrical question in Andalusi stanzaic poetry: which extended khalilean system?"
  • Dina Dahbany-Miraglia, "The muwashshah in Yemenite Jewish womend's poetry"
  • Carl Davila, "Andalusian strophoc poetry between the spoken and the written: the case of the Moroccan Andalusian music"
  • Ed Emery, "Temporal and geographic extensions of Andalusi strophic poetry: muwashshah, zajal, carol, sonnet"
  • Mohamed Zakariyya Enani, "He desires her? Situating Nazhun's muwashshah in an androgynous aesthetic of courtly love"
  • Ulf Haxen, "A Hebrew muwashshah with an Arabic kharja from the Genizah"
  • Richard Hitchcock, "The 'Romance' kharjas in retrospect"
  • Angelo Michele Piemontese, "The girdle figured in the Persian intextus poem"
  • Anna Plakhova, "Maqam rast in the art of the muwashshah"
  • Dwight Reynolds, "Musical aspects of Ibn Sana' al-Mulk's Dar al-Tiraz"
  • Arie Schippers, "Some remarks on the muwashshahat of Abraham ibn Ezra"
  • Gregor Schoeler, "Neo-Persian stanzaic poetry and its relationship to the Arabic musammat"
  • Edwin Seroussi, "Andalusian Hebrew strophic poetry in the religious musical repetoire of the Moroccan Jews"
  • Michel Sleiman, "The long panegyric zajal of Ibn Quzman: a statistical approach"
  • Kathryn Stapley, "Linguistic aspects of the Tunisian maluf"
  • Menashe Tahan, "A brief introduction to the muwashshahat of the Iraqi poet Muhammad Saeed al-Habubi"
  • Yosef Tobi, "Yemeni Jewish and Muslim muwashshahat"
  • Owen Wright, "The muwassah as music: a background sketch"